Diamond Insulation Product is the largest EPS product manufacturer in Bangladesh now!
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What's NEW?

January, 2014
A yearly picnic event will held!

October, 2012
Officialy website published

March, 2010
Production Started
About Us:
We are manufacuter, supplier of Insulation board (Corcksheet), Pipe insulation & EPS Product. We started our Production March , 2010. Now we are the largest EPS product manufacturer & supplier in Bangladesh. Our factory & Office is stand on a very suitable place near Dhaka city. Address is: Khagail, Kalindi, Keraniganj, Dhaka-1310. Feel free to contact with us above mentioned address or just Dial: 027763943 or 01711 568726

What is EPS?
EPS is an abbreviation for Expanded Polystyrene which is the technical name for Styrofoam. EPS Products produces foam and coated foam products for the building, insulation, packaging and arts industries.  Intially there are several product in its production line, such as Insulation Board, Fish box, Packaging item, Pipe Insulation which is widely used for  Insulation purpose.
Raw Materials :

Sourcing of raw materials (EPS) mainly from South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Germany and China mainland. Diamond Insulation Product is one of the biggest importer and user of raw materials (EPS) in Bangladesh
EPS grades are widely employed in production of Block Molding and Shape Molding for its excellent mechanical strength, non-toxic and high productivity.

What is Insulation?
Insulation is defined as prevention of leakage of necessary heat and introduction of unnecessary heat.
The purpose of insulation is to keep rooms pleasant, to prevent dewing and prevent heat loss to save
Energy. Expandable Polystyrene is the most popular heat insulator for its excellent thermal  insulation
Easy construction, superior mechanical strength, low absorption rate and harmless to human beings.
Here insulator shall have condition listed below:

Low thermal conductivity.
Low moisture absorption rate and air permeability.
Low gravity.
Superior construction(e.g. , processing and adhesion)
Excellent fire and corrosion rexistant.
Non generating toxic gases.
No quality degradation during fire cycle.
Uniform quality.
Cost-effective construction.

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