Diamond Insulation Products is an expandable polystyrene (EPS) products manufacturing industry. Started its Production March, 2010. Intially there are several product in its production line, such as Insulation Board, Box, Packaging, Pipe Insulation which is widely used for  Insulation purpose.

There is is a demand for domestic and export markets for EPS Products.  At present demand of EPS products has gone up due to growth of Agro based, Fisheries and Industrial related products in Bangladesh.


    Main Features
  • Raw material imported from Germany, Taiwan, Malaysia.
  • No.1 EPS product manufacturer in the country.
  • A huge no. of experience people in this line.
  • Factory stand on a large suitable place.
  • 24 hour electricity & water supply.
  • 24 hour manufacturing.
  • High quality & productivity machinary.
  • Own Conveyance like Truck, Boat, Engine boat, Van etc for urgent goods supply.
  • Proper quality & quantity.
  • Highly Educated man power for office management & Communication.

Diamond Insulation Products is the largest EPS product manufacturer in Bangladesh now!
What's NEW?

January, 2014
A yearly picnic event will held!

October, 2012
Officialy website published

March, 2010
Production Started
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In domestic market EPS products are widely used by the engineering firms, Electronocs and home appliances manufacturer, Construction firms, Agro based products manufacture etc. In the Export market EPS box and packing materials are used by the fish and frozen foods, vegetable and pharmaceuticals item etc.