Meaning of EPS is Expandable Polystyrene. This is well known in our country by 'foam'. For saving product quality it has huge ability. So now a days in packaging sector it is so popular. A product of EPS is very comfortable, tiny, protective & portable. So whole world  became fan of EPS products. But Bangladesh has no available

     Main Products
  • Insulation Board (Corcksheet).
  • Pipe Insulation.
  • EPS Fish Box. (Diemension 9"x12"x18" & 9"x14"x20")
  • MBX Box
  • EPS Helmet Liner.
  • EPS TV Buffer
  • EPS Refrigarator Buffer
  • Various type of Battery lid.
  • All product's packaging item such as Wall clock, Digital Clock, Water pump etc.
  • Diamond branded Net, Barbed wire, Hexagonal wire etc.
  • Bitumen supplier like as 85/25 or 80/100 Grade Bitumen.

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Diamond Insulation Product is the largest EPS product manufacturer in Bangladesh now!

What's NEW?

January, 2014
A yearly picnic event will held!

October, 2012
Officialy website published

March, 2010
Production Started
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manufacturer due of demand our market. By the grace of Allah we are the one organization that we have huge ability to production this type of products.
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